IEEE Fellows of the UFFC Society

An alphabetical list of fellows is also available, as is the complete IEEE fellows directory.

James Friend, 2018,
“for contributions to acoustics, microfluidics and microactuation”
David Howe, 2018,
“for contributions to global time synchronization”
Kullervo Hynynen, 2018,
“for contributions to image-guided therapeutic focused ultrasound”
Sergei Kalinin, 2018,
“for leadership in piezoresponse force microscopy for nanoscale Imaging”
L. Scott Smith, 2018,
“for contributions to ultrasound transducer technology for medical Imaging”
Shuji Tanaka, 2018,
“for contributions to micro-electromechanical systems for acoustic wave devices, physical sensors, and power generation”
Zuo-Guang YeZuo-Guang Ye, 2017,
“For contributions to piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for high-performance electromechanical transducers”
Robert LutwakRobert Lutwak, 2017,
“For technical leadership in research, development and commercialization of miniature atomic frequency standards and clocks”
F. Stuart FosterF. Stuart Foster, 2016,
“For contributions to the development and commercialization of ultrasound technology.”
John Schneider, 2014,
“For leadership in advancing the field of ultrasonic imaging and fingerprint identification”
F. Stuart FosterAndrei Shkel, 2014,
“For contributions to micromachined gyroscopes”
Gary Johnson, 2014,
“For leadership in growth and manufacturing processes of quartz”
Ruyan GuoRuyan Guo, 2013,
“For contributions to understanding of polarization phenomena in ferroelectric solid-solution systems.”
Paul MuraltPaul Muralt, 2013,
“For contributions to piezoelectric microelectro mechanical systems.”
Kenji UchinoKenji Uchino, 2013,
“For contributions to piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuators and electromechanical energy conversion.”
Ton van der SteenTon Van Der Steen, 2013,
“For development of ultrasound diagnostic techniques for vulnerable plaque detection.”
Mostafa FatemiMostafa Fatemi, 2012
“For contribution to ultrasound radiation force imaging and tissue characterization”
Michael InsanaMichael Insana, 2012
“For contributions to ultrasound imaging methods, particularly elastography”
Jorgen JensenJorgen Jensen, 2012
“For contributions to medical ultrasound imaging systems”
Andrei KholkinAndrei Kholkin, 2012
“For contributions to electromechanical characterization methods and applications”
Reinhard LerchReinhard Lerch, 2012
“For contributions to ultrasonic transducer technology and computer modeling of sensors and actuators”
Eric MillerEric Miller, 2012
“For contributions to inverse problems and physics-based signal and image processing”
Thomas ShroutThomas Shrout, 2012
“For contributions to the development of advanced piezoelectrics for ultrasound transducers”
Emad Ebbini, 2011
“For contributions to ultrasound temperature imaging and dual-mode ultrasound”
Craig Hartley, 2011
“For contributions to high frequency ultrasonic medical instrumentation”
Eun Kim, 2011
“For contributions to microelectromechanical systems”
Sidney LangSidney Lang, 2011
“For contributions to pyroelectric and polarization in solid dielectrics”
Yuriy ShmaliyYuriy Shmaliy, 2011
“For contributions to optimal methods for timekeeping and statistical theory of piezoelectric systems”
Katherine Ferrara, 2010
“For contributions to ultrasound and its applications in molecular imaging and drug delivery”
Jun-ichi Kushibiki, 2010
“For contributions to ultrasonic metrology and acoustic microscopy”
Roman Maev, 2010
“For contributions to high-resolution imaging, acoustic microscopy, and advanced material characterization”
Richard Ruby, 2010
“For contributions to film bulk acoustic resonators, filters, and duplexers for mobile phones”
Jafar SaniieJafar Saniie, 2010
“For contributions to ultrasonic signal detection, estimation and imaging”
Tadashi Takenaka, 2010
“For research on properties and applications of lead-free piezoelectrics and ferroelectric ceramics”
John Vetelino, 2010
“For contributions to acoustic wave properties of piezoelectric crystals and their application in sensors”
Gerald V. BlessingGerald V. Blessing, 2009
“For contributions to ultrasonic techniques in materials evaluation and sensor systems”
Dragan DamjanovicDragan Damjanovic, 2009
“For contributions to piezoelectric ceramics and single crystals”
Michio KadotaDr. Michio Kadota, 2009
“For contributions to surface acoustic wave devices”
Susan Trolier-McKinstryDr. Susan E. Trolier-Mckinstry, 2009
“For contributions to dielectric and piezoelectric thin films and device applications”
Raymond Filler, 2008, 
“For contributions to frequency control and timing in military systems.”
Takeshi Inoue, 2008,
“For contributions to bulk wave piezoelectric devices and applications.”
Pai-Chi Li, 2008,
“For contributions to ultrasonic imaging technologies.”
Jian-Yu LuJian-Yu Lu, 2008,
“For contributions to medical ultrasonic imaging.”
Abdullah Atalar, 2007, 
“For contributions to acoustic and atomic force microscopy.”
Gordon Hayward, 2007, 
“For contributions to the area of piezoelectric ultrasound transducers applied in underwater sonar.”
Jian-Yu LuDr. Clark Nguyen, 2007,
“For contributions to the physics and technology of microelectromechanical systems.”
Nava Setter, 2007,
“For contributions to the field of ferroelectrics materials, microsystems and microelectronics applications.”
Qiming Zhang, 2007, 
“For contributions to the field of ferroelectric materials.”
Seshu B. Desu, 2006, 
“For contributions to development of ferroelectric thin film devices.”
John Larson, 2006,
“For contributions to bulk acoustic resonators and medical acoustical imaging systems.”
Joseph L. Rose, 2006,
“For contributions to quided wave models, instrumentation, sensors, and measurement techniques.”
Ken-Ya HashimotoKen-Ya Hashimoto, 2005,
“For contributions to simulation and design for surface acoustic wave devices.”
Ken Lakin, 2004,
“For contributions to thin film resonator technology and applications.”
R. E. Newnham, 2004,
“For contributions to piezoelectric composite transducers.”
Ahmad Safari, 2004,
“For contributions to the development of piezoelectric tranducers.”
Masanori KoshibaMasanori Koshiba, 2003,
“For contributions to the modeling of optical wave propagation in photonics devices.”
John August KosinskiJohn August Kosinski, 2003,
“For contributions to piezoelectric substrate materials and resonators.”
William Jefferson Riley, Jr.William Jefferson Riley, JR., 2003,
“For contributions to high performance rubidium gas cell frequency standards and stability analysis.”
Satish S. UdpaSatish S. Udpa, 2003, 
“For contributions to the development of methods for solving inverse problems in the field of nondestructive evaluation.”
Noriyoshi Chubachi, 2002,
“For contributions to the field of piezoelectric materials, ultrasonic microscopy, materials characterization, and medical ultrasonics.”
Aime Sylvester Dereggi, 2002, 
“For contributions to the understanding of dielectric phenomena related to space charge and polarization.”
Nico De Rooij, 2002, 
“For contributions to microelectrical/mechanical systems and technology transfer to the marketplace.”
Mitsutaka HikitaMitsutaka Hikita, 2002,
“For contributions to the development of surface-acoustic-wave devices for mobile communications.”
Tadashi ShiosakiTadashi Shiosaki, 2002,
“For contributions to SAW devices and nonvolatile memories.”
Robert WeigelRobert Weigel, 2002,
“For contributions to microwave acoustic, radio frequency integrated circuits, and microwave circuits and their applications.”
Venceslav Frantisek Kroupa, 2001,
“For a numerical theory of frequency synthesis, and for contributions to time and frequency measurements, frequency stability, and phase-locked loops.”
Fred L. WallsFred L. Walls, 2001, 
“For contributions in the development of stable frequency sources and low noise signal processing equipment.”
Masatsune Yamaguchi, 2001, 
“For contributions to highly piezoelectric leaky surface acoustic waves.”
Helmut ErmertHelmut Ermert, 2000, 
“For contributions to coherent wave imaging and its application to medical diagnostics and nondestructive testing, and to engineering education.”
Helmut ErmertLute Maleki, 2000, 
“For contributions to the science and technology of frequency standards.”
Soo-Chang Pei, 2000,
“For contributions to the development of digital eigenfilter design, color image coding and signal compression, and to electrical education in Taiwan.”
Linden W. Pierce, 2000, 
“For contributions to the understanding of heart transfer and loading of liquid-immersed and dry type power and distribution transformers.”
Shin-Ichiro Umemura, 2000, 
“For contributions to biomedical ultrasonics.”
Marvin E. Frerking, 1999, 
“For contributions to the design, manufacture, and understanding of quartz crystal oscillators.”
Guillermo C. Carlos Gaunaurd, 1999,
“For contributions to direct and inverse scattering interaction of acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic waves with matter.”
Yury V. Gulyaev, 1999, 
“For seminal contributions to acoustoelectronics, acoustooptics and microwave acoustics.”
William H. HortonWilliam H. Horton, 1999,
“For leadership in the development and manufacture of monolithic crystal filters, quartz crystal resonators, and oscillators.”
James G. Miller, 1998,
“For contributions to the understanding of properties of normal and diseased hearts using ultrasonics, echocardiography, and myocardial tissue characterization.”
Dennis C. Webb, 1998,
“For leadership in the development and application of microwave ferrite devices.”
Jeannine H. Henaff, 1997, 
“For contributions to the analysis, design and realization of telecommunication systems.”
Karl Joerg Langenberg, 1997, 
“For contributions to acoustoelastic and microwave imaging.”
Johannes G. SmitsJohannes G. Smits, 1997, 
“For research and development of piezoelectric materials and integrated piezoelectric microelectromechanical sensors and actuators.”
Robert C. SmytheRobert C. Smythe, 1997, 
“For contributions to the theory and technology of crystal filters, resonators, and monolithic filters.”
Joseph M. Crowley, 1996, 
“For contributions to education and practice in electrostatic processes, and for fundamental contributions to electrohydrodynamics.”
Satoru Fujishima, 1996, 
“For the development of piezoelectric ceramic filters, SAW filters for TV and SAW filters for mobile communication.”
Butrus (Pierre) T. Khuri-Yakub, 1995, 
“For development of innovative nondestructive evaluation techniques and for contributions to zinc oxide technology.”
Moises Levy, 1995, 
“For contributions to the characterization of superconducting and magnetic materials by ultrasonic techniques.”
Gary K. Montress, 1995,
“For contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave (SAW) based frequency sources, and for leadership in their application to high performance military radar systems.”
Kevin J. Parker, 1995,
“For contributions to the advancement of medical ultrasound, including the development of sonoelasicity imaging and ultrasound contrast agents.”
Harry F. Tiersten, 1995,
“For contributions to the analysis of thickness-shear quartz resonators and surface acoustic wave devices.”
Kazuhiko Yamanouchi, 1995, 
“For research and development in surface acoustic waves and surface optical waves.”
Lawrence N. Dworsky, 1994, 
“For contributions to piezoelectric and transmission line resonators and band pass filters for telecommunications applications.”
Thomas W. Grudkowski, 1994,
“For development of microwave acoustic and semiconductor technologies for high speed signal processing.”
Gerald R. Harris, 1994, 
“For contributions to the measurement and understanding of ultrasound in medical applications.”
Arye Nehorai, 1994, 
“For contributions to statistical signal processing and system identification.”
Thomas E. Parker, 1994,
“For contributions to the development of high-stability surface acoustic wave oscillators.”
Peter H. Russer, 1994, 
“For fundamental contributions to noise analysis and low-noise optimization of linear electronic circuits with general topology.”
Yasutaka Shimizu, 1994,
“For contributions to research and development in the field of educational technology, electromagnetic compatibility, and surface acoustic waves.”
Werner WiesbeckWerner Wiesbeck, 1994, 
“For contributions to wide-band polarimetric metrology.”
Kenneth L. Davis, 1993, 
“For technical leadership in the initiation and development of basic electronics research programs and for contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave devices.”
Irving EngelsonIrving Engelson, 1993, 
“For management leadership of IEEE technical activities worldwide.”
Reimund Gerhard-MulthauptReimund Gerhard-Multhaupt, 1993, 
“For contributions to the study of dielectric materials and their application in communications devices.”
Peter A. Lewin, 1993,
“For contributions to the fields of electroacoustics and medical ultrasonics and for the development of new transducers and measurement methods.”
Lawrence C. Lynnworth, 1993, 
“For contributions to ultrasonic measurements of flow, temperature, and liquid level for process control.”
Charles Maerfeld, 1993, 
“For contributions to surface acoustic wave devices and their applications.”
Donald C. Malocha, 1993, 
“For contributions to the development of computer-aided design for surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducers and filters.”
Matthew O’donnell, 1993,
“For contributions to biomedical ultrasonics, medical imaging, and the application of VLSI devices to medical imaging systems.”
Thomas A. Seliga, 1993,
“For pioneering work in radar polarimetry applied to meteorology and for contributions to engineering education and research.”
K. Kirk Shung, 1993, 
“For contributions to research in ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization and to biomedical engineering education.”
Bikash K. Sinha, 1993, 
“For contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave pressure and temperature sensors.”
Donald O. Thompson, 1993, 
“For technical leadership in developing the concept of quantitative nondestructive evaluation.”
Akihiro Ametani, 1992, 
“For contributions to the analysis of electrical transients in power systems.”
Leif BjornoLeif Bjorno, 1992, 
“For contributions to ultrasound technology.”
Hua Lee, 1992,
“For contributions to high-resolution imaging techniques and tomographic acoustic microscopy.”
Robert A. Moore, 1992, 
“For the development of monolithic microwave acoustic filters.”
William J. Tanski, 1992, 
“For developments in surface acoustic wave resonator devices.”
R. Bruce Thompson, 1992, 
“For contributions to ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation as a quantitative measurement science.”
Kikuo WakinoKikuo Wakino, 1992, 
“For development of high-quality ceramic dielectric materials, and for contributions to their applications.”
Stephen Wanuga, 1992,
“For contributions to the development of zinc oxide thin-film piezoelectric transducers.”
J. Douglas Adam, 1991, 
“For contributions to the development of microwave device applications of ferrite thin films.”
Christoph B. Burckhardt, 1991, 
“For contributions to diagnostic ultrasound imaging.”
Michael M. Driscoll, 1991, 
“For contributions to the development of low-noise acoustic resonator-stabilized oscillators.”
Fred S. HickernellFred S. Hickernell, 1991,
“for contributions to the development of acoustic and optical surface wave devices for electronic systems applications.”
H. Kumar Wickramasinghe, 1991,
“For contributions to photoacoustics, scanning tunneling, and scanning force microscopy.”
Mack A. Breazeale, 1990, 
“For theoretical and experimental contributions to nonlinear phenomena in ultrasonic wave propagation.”
Roger Tancrell, 1990, 
“For contributions to the analysis and design of surface-acoustic-wave filters for signal processing.”
Bernhard R. Tittmann, 1990,
“For contributions to the development of instrumentation and measurement techniques for material characterization and nondestructive testing.”
Robert C. WaagRobert C. Waag, 1990, 
“For contributions to biomedical ultrasound in the areas of tissue characterization, wave propagation effects, and two-dimensional imaging.”
Kiyotaka Wasa, 1990, 
“For contribution to the development and application of a cathodic sputtering technology to material processing.”
Eric L. AdlerEric L. Adler, 1989, 
“For contributions to the analysis of acoustic surface wave propagation and to electrical engineering undergraduate teaching.”
Charles A. Cain, 1989,
“For contributions to the understanding of biological effects of microwave and ultrasound radiation and for contributions to advancement of hyperthermia cancer therapy.”
Eugene J. DieulesaintEugene J. Dieulesaint, 1989, 
“For contributions to acoustoelectronics and the application of surface acoustic wave devices in signal processing.”
Helmut W. Hellwig, 1989,
“For leadership in the development and application of atomic frequency standards in science, industry, and government.”
Reynold S. Kagiwada, 1989,
“For contributions to low-temperature ultrasonics and technical leadership in the development and insertion of microwave acoustic devices in space payloads.”
Peter Kartaschoff, 1989,
“For contributions to the development of a cesium beam frequency standard and its use in precision time measurements.”
S. Lawrence Marple, JR., 1989, 
“For contributions to the theory and application of spectral analysis in digital-signal processing.”
Bruce R. McavoyBruce R. Mcavoy, 1989,
“For leadership in microwave acoustics with contributions to high-frequency resonators and signal processing devices.”
William D. O’Brien, JR., 1989, 
“For technical and administrative contributions to ultrasonic bio-engineering.”
Emmanuel P. Papadakis, 1989, 
“For contributions to ultrasonic propagation in crystals and polycrystalline solids, development of ultrasonic measurement techniques for materials evaluation, and applications of electronics and physics for nondestructive testing.”
W. James Sarjeant, 1989,
“For contributions to high-voltage pulsed power systems and devices.”
John R. VigJohn R. Vig, 1989, 
“For contributions to the technology of quartz crystals for precision frequency control and timing.”
John M. Andrews, 1988, 
“For pioneering research on the properties of metal-semiconductor interfaces.”
James F. Greenleaf, 1988,
“For contributions to the development of advanced medical imaging.”
Robert A. Johnson, 1988,
“For contributions to mechanical filters.”
Nobuo Mikoshiba, 1988,
“For contributions to the development of physical acoustics and surface acoustic-wave devices.”
Leland P. Solie, 1988,
“For contributions to the development of reflective array surface acoustic-wave filters and multistrip filter techniques.”
Herman Van De VaartHerman Van De Vaart, 1988,
“For contributions to the field of surface acoustic wave delay line technology”.
Herman Van De VaartDavid B. Leeson, 1988,
“For contributions to the theory and practice of stable microwave signal sources for communication and radar.”
Fred E. Gardiol, 1987, 
“For contributions to the design of ferrite microwave devices.”
Colin K. Campbell, 1986, 
“For contributions to surface-acoustic-wave devices and electrical engineering education.”
Yukio Kagawa, 1986,
“For development of the finite and boundary element methods and their applications to acoustic and electroacoustic simulation.”
Leopold Neumann, 1986, 
“For contributions to the field of medical electronics.”
Barry S. PerlmanBarry S. Perlman, 1986,
“For contributions to solid-state device and circuit design, and leadership in computer-aided methods for microwave engineering.”
Takehiko Machida, 1985, 
“For contributions to the development of control and protection systems for HVDC transmission and of the operation and planning methods for ac-dc power systems.”
Toshio Makimoto, 1985, 
“For development of optical guided-wave devices and measurement techniques.”
Bernard Picinbono, 1985, 
“For contributions to signal processing, adaptive detection, and stochastic processes.”
L. Eric. Cross, 1984, 
“For leadership in the field of ferroelectric materials, and for the development of electrostrictive devices and composite piezoelectric transducers.”
John M. ReidJohn M. Reid, 1984,
“For contributions to the field of medical diagnostic ultrasound.”
Robert S. Wagers, 1984,
“For contributions to the theory and technology of surface-acoustic-wave devices.”
Eric Herz, 1983, 
“For contributions to the development and management of information systems for testing aerospace vehicles and for valuable services to the Institute.”
Chen S. Tsai, 1983,
“For contributions to acoustooptic devices for wide-band real-time signal processing and for acoustic microscopy.”
Sotirios J. Vahaviolos, 1983,
“For contributions to the techniques of acoustic emission measurements in industrial process monitoring.”
Jacques VanierJacques Vanier, 1983, 
“For contributions to the theory and development of atomic-resonance frequency standards.”
Francis J. Fry, 1982, 
“For pioneering contributions to the applications of ultrasonics in biology and medicine.”
Richard La Rosa, 1982, 
“For contributions to the development of electroacoustic signal processing devices.”
Richard C. WilliamsonRichard C. Williamson, 1982, 
“For contributing reflective grating devices to the field of surface-acoustic-wave filters.”
Arthur BallatoArthur Ballato, 1981. 
“For contributions to the theory of piezoelectric crystals and frequency control.”
Allen H. MeitzlerAllen H. Meitzler, 1981,
“For developments in ferroelectric and piezoelectric devices and materials.”
Floyd DunnFloyd Dunn, 1980, 
“For contributions to the understanding of the interaction of ultrasonic waves with living tissue.”
Errol P. EernisseErrol P. Eernisse, 1980, 
“For outstanding contributions to the analysis and development of piezoelectric devices.”
Shota Miyairi, 1980,
“For contributions to electrical machinery, power electronics, and leadership in electrical engineering education.”
Louis T. Zitelli, 1980, 
“For contributions to space communications and space radar by leadership in the design and fabrication of high-power microwave tubes.”
Paul H. CarrPaul H. Carr, 1979,
“For contributions to microwave acoustics and their use as signal processing components.”
Gene H. Haertling, 1979, 
“For contributions to ferroelectric and electrooptic ceramic materials and devices.”
John Vinton Bouyoucos, 1978, 
“For contributions to the field of hydrodynamic energy conversion devices.”
Erich Hafner, 1978, 
“For contributions to the improvement of piezoelectric crystals and frequency control devices.”
Gerhard M. Sessler, 1977,
“For contributions to the field of electroacoustic transducers, particularly the electret microphone.”
Albert MacovskiAlbert Macovski, 1976,
“For contributions to television engineering.”
Walter Welkowitz, 1976, 
“For contributions to the analysis of cardiovascular systems and to the development of heart-assist devices.”
“For contributions to the design of atomic frequency standards and to the theory and measurement of frequency stability.”
Cecil E. Land, 1974,
“For contributions to ferroelectric materials and devices.”
Bertram A. Auld, 1973, 
“For contributions to the theory of microwave ferrite devices and microwave acoustics.”
Irving Kaufman, 1973,
“For contributions to microwave electronics, and to education.”
Don A. Berlincourt, 1972, 
“For development and characterization of new piezoelectric materials that have had major impact on transducer and wave filter technology.”
Masaru Ibuka, 1972,
“For contributions to the development and application of solid-state devices in consumer and computer electronics.”
Stephen W. Tehon, 1972,
“For contributions to the understanding and application of electroacoustic devices.”
Richard M. White, 1972, 
“For contributions to the discovery and applications of surface acoustic waves.”
Tatsuji Nomura, 1971,
“For contributions and leadership in the field of broadcasting and television engineering.”
H. Warren Cooper, III, 1970, 
“For contributions to antenna development, microwave integrated circuit development, and the application of microwave techniques to aircraft landing systems.”
Gerald W. FarnellGerald W. Farnell, 1970, 
“For research in microwave optics and solid-state electronics.”
Hung C. LinHung C. Lin, 1969,
“For contributions to semiconductor electronics and circuits and pioneering of integrated circuits.”
Vernon L. Newhouse, 1968,
“For contributions to magnetic and superconducting memory elements and their applications in computers.”
Arthur Uhlir, Jr., 1967, 
“For original contributions to the theory, development, and applications of varactor diodes in parametric amplifiers.”
Gordon S. Kino, 1966,
“For contributions to the design of electron guns and to high frequency behavior of gaseous plasmas.”
Louis J. Cutrona, IRE Fellow 1962, 
“For contributions to airborne radar and optical data processing.”
Glen Wade, IRE Fellow 1962, 
“For contributions to parametric amplification.”
Arthur A. Oliner, IRE Fellow 1961, 
“For contributions to network representation of microwave structures.”
Paul Rosenberg, IRE Fellow 1961,
“For contributions to the field of electron physics.”
Gustave Shapiro, IRE Fellow 1961, 
“For contributions to the development of electronic miniaturization techniques and components.”
John A. M. Lyon, AIEE Fellow 1959, 
“For contributions to engineering education.”
Charles F. Horne Jr., IRE Fellow 1958, 
“For his contributions to the field of communications in both military and civilian applications.”
Otto H. Schmitt, IRE Fellow 1955,
“For his contributions to the application of electronics to the study of living organisms.
Marvin Chodorow, IRE Fellow 1954,
“For his contributions to the theory and design of klystron tubes.”
Leo L. Beranek, IRE Fellow 1952, 
“For his contributions in research, teaching and administration in the fields of acoustics and speech communication.”
Robert Adler, IRE Fellow 1951, 
“For his developments of transmission and detection devices for frequency-modulated signals and of electromechanical filter systems.”