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Hotel Deadline September 11, 2006

Advance Registration Deadline August 15 2006

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Invited Speakers


Charles Cain: Histotripsy: Mechanical Sub-Division of Soft Tissues by High Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound

Jen Cheng-Kuei: Integrated and Flexible Piezoelectric/Ultrasonic Transducers

Peter C. Eccardt: Surface Waves at the Fluid Interface of Micromachined Membrane Arrays

Stanislav Emelianov: Synergy and Applications of Ultrasound, Elasticity, and Photoacoustic Imaging

Gerhard Fleury: Simultaneous Imaging and HIFU

Electra Gizeli: Application of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Sensing the Mechanical Properties of Biomolecules and Their Interactions

James Greenleaf: Vibro-Acoustography: The Most Promising Approaches and Inferred Needs for Transducers and Arrays (Invited Poster)

Gerald Harris: FDA Regulation of Medical Ultrasound Devices

Eric Kerherve: BAW Technologies: Development and Applications Within Martina, Mimosa and Mobilis IST European Projects

Vincent Lupien: Optimized Transducer Design Techniques

Geoffrey Nash: Surface Acoustic Wave Quantum Devices

Clark Nguyen: Integrated Micromechanical Circuits Fuled by Vibrating RF MEMS Technology

Vitold Pozhar: Adaptive Acousto-Optical Spectrometric Systems

Helen Routh: Future Directions in Ultrasound Research: A Commercial Perspective

David Sahn: High Frequency Ultrasound Arrays for Cardiac Imaging

Alexander Sutin: Nonlinear Acoustics in NDE Applications

Piero Tortoli: Quantitative Dual-Beam Doppler Ultrasound Investigations

Flordeliza Villanueva: Development of Targeted Ultrasound Investigations

Karl Wagner: A 2D P-Matrix Model for the Simulation of Waveguiding and Diffraction in SAW Components

Jian Yuan: High Frequency Piezo Composites Microfabricated Ultrasound Transducers for Intravascular Imaging