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Hotel Deadline September 11, 2006

Advance Registration Deadline August 15 2006

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Student Paper Competition

A total of 18 students were selected as finalists for the Student Poster Award. Student finalist posters will be featured on the first day (October 4, 2006) of the conference and may also be presented as an oral presentation during the symposium. The winners (1 from each of Groups 2 to 5, and 2 from Group 1 (Medical Imaging) will be selected by an independent judging committee.


The following abstracts were chosen as the Student Poster Award Finalists by the Technical Program Committee.

1) X. Chen, A. Lal

Theoretical and Experimental Study of a High Flow Rate Ultrasonic Horn Pump

2) T. Deffieux, J. Gennisson, M. Tanter, M. Fink

Ultrafast Ultrasonic Imaging of In Vivo Muscle Contraction

3) S. Härmä, V.P. Plessky, C.S. Hartmann

SAW RFID Tag with Reduced Size

4) M. Kupnik, A. Schröder, M. Gröschl

Adaptive Asymmetric Double-Path Ultrasonic Transit-Time Gas Flowmeter

5) C.R. Leavens, P.N. Burns, M.D. Sherar

Fast B-Flow Imaging: A New Method for Improving Frame Rate in Golay Coded B-Flow Imaging

6) K.Y.E. Leung, M. van Stralen, M.M. Voormolen, G. van Burken, A. Nemes, F.J. ten Cate, M.L. Geleijnse, N. de Jong, A.F.W. van der Steen, J.H.C. Reiber, J.G. Bosch

Sparse Appearance Model Based Registration and Segmentation of 3D Echocardiographic Images

7) R.G.P. Lopata, M.M. Nillesen, I.H. Gerrits, J.M. Thijssen, L, Kapusta, C.L. de Korte

In Vivo 3D Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Strain Estimation

8) L. Lovstakken, T.A. Tangen, S. Bjærum, H. Torp

Optimum Velocity Estimation in Ultrasound Color Flow Imaging in Presence of Clutter Noise

9) Y. Lu, R. Demirli, J. Saniie

A Comparative Study of Echo Estimation Techniques for Ultrasonic NDE Applications

10) M. Nakazawa, A. Maezawa, K. Nakamura, S. Ueha

A 100 MHz Multi-Layered High Performance Transducer Using Polyurea Thin Film

11) S. Peng. M.S. Qureshi, A. Basu, R.O. Guldiken F.L. Degertekin, P.E. Hasler

Floating-Gate Based CMUT Sensing Circuit Using Capacitive Feedback Charge Amplifier

12) N. Saldanha, D.C. Malocha

Novel Dual Mode SAW-BAW Device

13) Y. Satoh, K. Yamanouchi

High Coupling and High Temperature Stable Surface Acoustic Wave Substrates Using Groove Type Interdigital Transducers

14) H. Seiner, P. Sedlak, M. Landa

Improvement of the Inversion Procedure in Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy for Generally Oriented High Anisotropic Crystals

15) H. Shariff, P. Bevan, R. Karshafian, M. Karakolis, R. Cobbold, R. Hansen, B. Angelsen, P. Burns

Radial Modulation Imaging: Raising the Frequency for Contrast Imaging

16) P.J. Stephanou, A.P. Pisano

GHz Contour Extensional Mode Aluminum Nitride MEMS Resonators

17) J. Tian, P. Han, D. Payne

Measurements Along the Growth Direction for PMN-PT Crystals: Dielectric, Piezoelectric, and Elastic Properties

18) K. Yoshida, S. Nakatani, Y. Watanabe

Optical Observation of the Collapse of a Single Bubble Adhered to the Quartz Wall in Ultrasound Irradiation with Ultra High Speed Video Camera